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About Us

Eregli Denizcilik A.S. was established in 2004 by prominent ship owners of Turkey by purchasing shares between USD 2,500 and up to USD 2,000,000 with mutual understanding and with a sense of cooperation among whole Turkish shipping community. All Turkish shipping industry welcomed this opportunity and already took part in the project.

The purpose of purchasing a cape size vessel was to provide transportation of raw materials to the main 2 iron and steel producers in Turkey such as Eregli Iron and Steel Factories Inc. and Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factories Inc.

Eregli Iron and Steel Works Co. which began production in 1965, today has a production capacity of 3 million tons/year of crude steel. It is the largest iron and steel producer in Turkey and the only flat steel producer.

We owned our first vessel in 2005 named as MV Obeliks which was built on KURE on April 2000, 170,454 MT, 289 m length overall and 9 holds total, held MI flag and sold her to the Far East clients at the end of 2009 which held Turkish flag and her name changed as MV Cape Eregli to provide funds to our newly constructed vessel. (now MV Cape Istanbul)

Eregli Denizcilik A.S. was concluded a new building contract with Hanjin Heavy Industries & Constructions Co. Ltd., HHIC-PHIL. INC., for 175K Bulk Carrier,on April 17-18, 2007 in London.

MV Cape ISTANBUL was delivered on May 20th, 2011, from Korean shipyard in Philippines, where all Board Members of Eregli Shipping Company and HHIC-Phil, were attended both.

Since 2011, MV Cape Istanbul has been hired (time chartered) to various worldwide charters to load/unload their cargoes worldwide.

We specialize of carrying iron ore and coal from intercontinental. Our fleet have moved millions of tonnes of cargo and we have worked globally with major charters which we have earned a reputation to provide first class quality, reliable and safety service to a wide variety of customers all over the world.

We are known in Turkish shipping industry with close partnerships with major and minor shipowners and charterers.

Eregli Denizcilik A.S. is headquarted in Turkey/Istanbul.